Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t love the idea of a strong, powerful woman? DC Comics decided to capitalize on this love for powerful women when they created the character of Wonder Woman. Her first appearance came in 1941, in an issue of All Star Comics. Wonder Woman is a representative of the Amazon culture. Her true name is Princess Diana, renowned throughout her land as a queen of power.

She has many names; however, they are all names that honour her for being a powerful Amazon woman and a bringer of light and truth. But there is more to this character than meets the eye. According to the authors of the modern Wonder Woman character, she is more complicated than we ever before anticipated.

Read on to find out why…


Themyscira: The Home of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman comes from the beautiful island nation of Themyscira. This beautiful paradise island is a safe and welcoming home for the Amazon women. But there is something special about the island: it has no men! In fact, men are not allowed by law to set foot on Themyscira. They will be put to death if they try to come onto the island.

This raises an interesting question. If Themyscira is a paradise, yet it has no men, how do these women who live there have romance in their lives?

Perhaps the answer is that DC Comics is more open minded than we ever realized. The writers for the modern Wonder Woman have come forward to explain a bit more about this confusing but exciting issue.

Sexuality on the Island of Themyscira

The women who live on the island are not all celibate. Instead, they have a different concept of sexuality entirely. Yes, they still fall in love and have romance with the other people in their lives, but those people happen to also be women. As a result, Wonder Woman, who exists in our world as well as in Themyscira, has come forward as being bisexual. This character is able to have romances with both men and women, regardless of their gender.

So not only is she a hero for young girls who want to take over the world, she is also a hero of the LGBT community.

But what does this mean for people who love the comic books? Does it change anything?

In truth, no. Just because we now know that Wonder Woman is a bisexual hero, it doesn’t change the fact that she is still a hero. She is still a founding member of the Justice League and a powerful woman who demands fear and respect. If anything, her bisexuality adds to her prowess and impressive demeanour.

The character does, in fact, have a love interest in the shape of a human man, Steve Trevor, so she is currently involved in a straight or heterosexual relationship. But the fact that she may have had past lovers who were women is an incredibly enticing and wonderfully empowering addition to her back story.

No matter what her sexuality is, Wonder Woman is still an amazing superhero who can kick your butt.